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Insulation Removal 

There are many reasons why you may need to remove your insulation. You may have fire or water damage, your ceilings could be sagging and are in need of repair, the insulation has become ineffective or the dust is becoming a nuisance (particularly for asthmatics/allergy sufferers).  Our insulation removal service is the answer.

Blow-in Insulation Removal

Our Versa Vac Insulation Vacuum removes blow-in insulation and dust effectively and cleanly.  This high performance machine vacuums up the blow-in insulation, dust and any other small debris inside the roof cavity and pumps it into a large filter bag which is positioned inside a skip bin.  The filter bag captures all the blow-in, dust and debris, and when the job is completed the skip bin is collected, leaving the site and most importantly the roof cavity clean and mess free!

Batt Removal

We remove, bag and dispose of the batts and any other small debris in the roof cavity.  This can be followed up by a dust vacuum with our Versa Vac vacuum, if required.

The insulation removal is usually completed in one day with enough time to install your new insulation after, if required.

Contact us today for an obligation free site inspection and quote to remove your old insulation.

Foil backed insulation 'dumped' in roof cavityFoil backed insulation 'dumped' in roof cavity
Collapsed ceiling due to blow-in insulationBlow-in insulation covering living room floor after ceiling collapse 

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