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Northside Insulation use and recommend Edmonds ventilation products. 

Edmonds, an Australian company, is the world leader in wind and hybrid powered rotary ventilators. 

Insulation does a great job of slowing the transfer of heat between the roof space and the living space in your home, but on hot days, heat can still build up over time.  When you consider that the heat inside your roof can reach over 70°C, you can understand the tough job that insulation has to do.  Edmonds roof ventilators reduce the roof space heat build-up by expelling hot air which enables it to be replaced with ambient temperature air from outside.  This allows your insulation to work far more effectively.

Edmonds SupaVent 
Edmonds SupaVent

The Edmonds Supavent is a premium wind driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat from the roof space of a home.  It has been designed to perform in light breezes, which means on a relatively still hot summer days the heat will still be exhausted. Unlike traditional metal roof vents, SupaVents are constructed from a durable UV stabilised polymer which means they won’t rust or corrode.


  • Exhausts hot trapped air in summer
  • Removes moisture build up in winter
  • Smooth and quiet operation (Stainless steel bearings)
  • Won't rust or corrode
  • Strong dome for protection against hail and wind
  • Available in a range of 16 colours to suit any roof
  • 15 year warranty
  • Suitable for tile or metal roofs
Edmonds Maestro 
Edmonds Maestro

The Edmonds Maestro is a thermostatically controlled powered ventilator that can be used for withdrawing heat from living areas.
The roof mounted Maestro vent is connected to a ceiling register with a ducted shaft so that when in operation, heat is being drawn directly from the room below ceiling level, rather than from the roof space.


  • Thermostatically controlled ensuring that it works when you need it to
  • Closable ceiling register so that you dont lose heat through the shaft in winter
  • Very economical operation with anticipated annual energy costs less than $10
  • Reliable operation regardless of wind speed
  • Quiet operation

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